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  • Silc Skin Decollette & Full Facial Set – Includes Décolletage & Full Facial Pads – Target Wrinkles Lines from Sun Aging…


    Smooth fine lines and wrinkles with the SilcSkin Decollette & Full Facial set! These self adhesive pads help damage caused by the sun, aging, and sleeping on your side. The pads also gently exfoliate the skin of your décolletage, forehead, under eyes, upper cheekbones, and nasolabial folds. After two to four weeks of nightly use, you can transition to a lighter schedule, as the effects become more lasting from repair to the collagen structure itself.
    Make sure skin is clean and dry before applying. Use SilcSkin Cleanser or a gentle soap free from moisturizers, emollients or oils. Night sweats or perspiration may interfere with the adhesion of the pads. The silicone undergoes a platinum curing process that makes the pads last longer and helps with adhesion. The pads are self adhesive. No glue is used. The silicone itself is naturally adhesive, and the adhesion may decrease with wear, so replace the pads after about 30 days of regular use.
    This set includes: 1 decollette pad, 1 brow pad, 4 Eye Pads and 2 Multi-Area Pads. Pads are sized to fit most wearers, but can be trimmed to fit individual features for maximum comfort. The material of the pads warms up quickly after coming into contact with your skin. It doesn’t pull or pinch, so won’t interfere with side sleepers getting a good night’s sleep. Avoid using if you have any scratches, cuts, burns, or are allergic to silicone.